Kids Peg Puzzle Pro apk 3.3


In this full version you can play with 
dinosaurs, the forest animals and Santa in his 
winter wonderland! 


Each character is cheerfully animated and 


plays multiple sounds. As soon as you place a 


character you can freely move it around and 


play with it as you like. 


Which background will become your child’s 


favorite? The farm for runaway animals, the 


Caribbean pirate sea, the jungle waterhole, the 


red planet, or the magic dragon land? Don’t 


forget to try the random level, where you never 


know what you will get. Dragons in the 


jungle? Aliens in fairy land? Elephants in 


Get the Kids Peg Puzzle Pro apk 3.3 2017 MOD
Get the Kids Peg Puzzle Pro apk 3.3 2017 last version. Here you have the Kids Peg Puzzle Pro apk 3.3 available and working on all smartphones and computer devices.



Parental guidance information: 


– No advertisements. 


– Suggested age group is children aged 2 – 4, 


depending on previous touchscreen game 




– The game encourages basic manipulation 


skills (drag and drop, touch), problemsolving 


skills (solving puzzles) and imaginative play 


(using it as magic stickers). 



BELLOW LAST VERSION OF Kids Peg Puzzle Pro apk 3.3 - LAST TIME UPDATED AND SUCCESSFULLY TESTED Wednesday 13th December 2017:

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